Lori Limoges

Mountain View HS Concert Choir

Lori Limoges

Middle & High School Choir

Purple Days - MVHS/MVMS  ~  White Days - MVHS/MVE

MVHS  782-6340  /  MVMS  782-6338

 Disneyland Performance, Spring 2015"FarmerTan" - Disneyland Performance                                                                                             Spring, 2015
cast of "Night at the Wax Museum"
2016  MVHS  Concert  Choir  Spring  Musical - "Night at the Wax Museum"


 Disneyland Performance, Spring 2015               
"Farmer Tan"  -  Disneyland Performance     Spring, 2015

   Lizzie &  John         Lizzie Borden & John Adams "Wax Museum" cast

Required Concert Attire:

 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Choirs

 Ladies:  Modest "Sunday-best" dress (or skirt & top), Closed-toe dress shoes,

Hair styled back, Conservative make-up & jewelry

Men:   Dress pants (no jeans please), Button-down shirt, Necktie, Dress shoes & socks

HS Concert Choir

Ladies:   Black Concert Choir dress, Black closed-toe dress shoes, Hair styled back,

Conservative make-up & jewelry

Men:   Black tux jacket & pants, White tux shirt, Black dress shoes & socks, Cummerband, Bowtie

Sundance Kid, Pancho Villa, Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane"Whar's the Loot"

Each rehearsal period is worth 10 points.  Each performance is worth 100 points.

Only acceptable excuses for missed performances are extraordinary circumstance or extreme illness.

Parents please contact Mrs. Limoges prior to the performance to be missed, with either a phone call or written & signed note.

Students are expected to submit a replacement activity if a performance is missed.  Please contact Mrs. Limoges for information.

Each situation is handled on an individual basis.

 Disneyland Performance, Spring 2015

                  "Good Time"  -  Disneyland Performance     Spring, 2015

Disneyland Performance, Spring 2015
"Operator"  -  Disneyland Performance     Spring, 2015

2015 WY All-State Jazz Choir
2015  Wyoming  All-State  Jazz  Choir

HS & MS Music Calendar 2016-2017

September  26-29   ACDA National Choir Auditions
NAfME All-Northwest Choir Auditions
 October     30   2017 WY All-State Choir Auditions Lyman HS
 November  1         MVHS & MS Fall Choir Concert MVHS  Aud.
                  2  2017 WY All-State Choir Auditions Lyman HS
           14-15-16-17  2017 WY All-State Jazz Choir Aud. MVMS
                 21-22   Southwest District HS Interschool Honor Band & Choir Lyman HS
                 30  Kindergarten & 1st Grade Holiday Program 
                                                                                  "The Polar Express"
MVHS Auditorium
December   6  HS Choir "Christmas on Temple Square"  SLC, 1:00/2:00/4:00
                TBA   6th,7th,8th Choir Caroling                                                                
 January 15-18   WY 2016 All-State Choir   Cody HS
 February     6   MS Choir Winter Concert  MVHS Auditorium
           16-19  NAfME All-Northwest Honor Choir Bellevue, WA
            20-23   WY All-State Youth Honor Choir Auditions MVMS
 March       8-11    ACDA 2016 National Honor Choirs Minneapolis, MN
                18       SWD 6-7 Interschool Honor Choir                                    Evanston       
                23-24   UW Jazz Festival  (HS Concert Choir)                               Laramie
                            2017 WY All-State Jazz Choir    
                 30         MVMS Spring Choir Concert                                             MVHS Auditorium
                  31-1    UW Vocal Camps                                                             Laramie
    April   26-27-28   SWD Large Group & Solo/Ensemble Festival                       Jackson
   May       5           MVMS 6-7-8 Choir Festival                                                Riverton
                10         HS Concert Choir Spring Awards Concert                            MVHSAuditorium

      TBD                 7-8th Choir Performance Sharing Day              


Mary Read, Anne Bonnny, Arghh!, Blackbeard, Arghh!, Madame ChingBlackbeard &  the Lady Pirates
Choirs  2016 – 2017


Please remember it is a privilege to be a member of this ensemble!

No one “sits the bench”  -  everyone is important!



  1. Please be prompt for rehearsals & performances.

  2. Please demonstrate a great work ethic in rehearsal – 100% effort.

  3. Please demonstrate a “class act” in rehearsals, performances & activities – mature, respectful

    self-disciplined and responsible.

  4. Please be conscious of your vocal health.  Bring water to rehearsals & performances.

  5. Please choose to be a dependable member of this ensemble by remaining eligible.



                    Performances  -  100 points

                    Rehearsals  -  10 points


                    Grades are based on work ethic & participation.



                    Creative Expression Through Production               Aesthetic Perception
                     Historical & Cultural Context                                   Artistic Connection

           Fees      Reimburse MVHS Choral Dept. for lost or damaged music, clothing, etc.

  1.  General Management

                    Restroom stops outside of rehearsal.

                    Food/gum/“stuff” outside of rehearsal.

                    Other projects/tests outside of rehearsal.

                    Folder/pencil/seated by bell.

                    Tardies/being unprepared = loss of rehearsal points

                    Students may submit extra credit projects.  List of ideas available.

                    Only acceptable excuses for missed performance are extraordinary circumstance or extreme illness.

                    Parent must contact director prior to the performance to be missed.  Info given as needed upon return.

                    Missed performances may result in loss of ensemble privileges or dismissal.  Situation handled on individual basis.

2016  Wyoming  All-State  Honor  Choir  members  from MVHS  -  Cheyenne, WY      Selected through live audition!

Dalton, Aubrey, Skyler, Morgan, Trenton